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Red Rice Cookies

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Red Rice Cookies made from Bao Dhaan, a unique Deep Water Paddy.

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Packed with medicinal values

Bor Noi Red Rice Cookies are made from Bao Dhaan, a unique Deep Water Paddy that produces a particular type of iron-rich red rice which is an integral part of Assam’s food habits. Grown in the water-submerged areas of the Brahmaputra Valley which lies at the foothill of the Himalayan Mountain Range it is considered the medicinal rice of Assam due to its higher vitamin & mineral content and highly resilient nature to natural adversities than any other rice. A large section of farmers in the state depends more on rich alluvium left behind by the Brahmaputra river every year rather than on chemical fertilizers. The Bao Rice takes 9 months to get ready for harvesting hence it is filled with high nutrition as it is constantly taking energy from the Sun till the time it is harvested. This rice gets its red color primarily from Anthocyanin which is a powerful natural pigment and an impressive antioxidant. This antioxidant is considered to be beneficial for reducing inflammation, relieving allergies, preventing cancer, and managing weight loss. Aside from that, red rice is considered to be packed with nutrients such as vitamins B and C, iron, calcium, zinc, etc compared to any other rice varieties.

The Red Rice Cookies are packed with all these health benefits and are presented to you in the form of a healthy snack.

Contains no artificial flavors.

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Weight0.200 kg
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80g, 200g

Nutritional Information

Total Energy (KCal / 100g)529.75
Dietary Fibre2.4%


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