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Cuppa Handoh

The Medical RED Bao Rice, Delicious Instant Breakfast Cereal.

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Black Rice

Rich in Antioxidants & Nutrients, helps in weight loss.

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Keteki Joha Rice

Aromatic premium black Joha rice.

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Organic Red Bao Rice

Look no further than a plate of healthy rice.

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Our Products

Fresh and organic, just the way you like it.

High quality, pure products.

Always Fresh Products

We process and package our products only as per requirements hence you will find our products always fresh.

Organic & Gluten-Free

All our rice are produced organically and are Gluten Free. All Natural, Quality Health Food.

Premium Quality & Taste

Every Bornoi product is unique to the Brahmaputra Valley, highly nutritious, premium quality and superior in taste.

No Additives

Grown without synthetic Pesticides and without synthetic GMOs, high quality products.

Our Products

Best Sellers

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