Our Vision

To bring about a good quality of life in consumers and producers and preserving the environmental sustainability


Our Mission

Create a sustainable environment involving famers of this naturally rich region to produce best quality indigenous produces grown organically and add value throughout the supply chain, improving the quality of food available to consumers and ensuring their easy availability while improving the quality of life of the farmers. 

Why Us

Assam, with the mighty Brahmaputra running through its heart, has always been a land of agriculture. Known for it’s fertile and rich soil, the river enriches everything as it is passes by. Traditional organic farming practices gradually declined, giving way to chemical farming. We, as a collective, feel these good practices must be revived, adopted, imbibed & promoted in our lifestyle. Bor Noi has promised to improve the quality of life by infusing good thought and purity into the minds of people; starting it’s journey from the grass roots and addressing this at every level of the food cycle. Bor Noi food products are a healthy result of a seamless effort by Bor Noi Organis Pvt. Ltd. – involved throughout the supply chain, right from the development of Organic Agri inputs to a nourishing final product which reaches your kitchen.

At Bor Noi we endeavour to touch purity. Our only efforts have been directed towards bringing the richness in its purest form. Bor Noi products are grown at organic farms by farmers who are inclined with the similar idea and eager to work towards producing in organic way and register with us.

Organic farming rice

By choosing to go the organic way here’s how Bor Noi contributes to your health:

What We Do

Our endeavour started with the idea of bringing the richness of this fertile land blessed by the mighty river Brahmaputra which flows from the Himalaya. The river carries this richness as it flows though the Himalayan range. We felt the pressing concern that the traditional organic farming practices cannot be allowed to give way to chemical farming. These good practices must be revived, adopted, imbibed and promoted in our lifestyle if we need to develop a better environment and an ecosystem for a brighter future. Hence at Bor Noi we understood that our journey has to start from the grass level by infusing good thought and purity into the minds of people and addressing this at every level of the food cycle.

When we understood that the farmers who are associated with us will need to have the right mindset and motivation to continue the traditional way of farming we started having more interaction with them through different programmes and at times jointly with the govt. departments. We started to understand their pain points and the difficulties they face when they grow their produce through a traditional way of farming.

To give away with the arising scarcity of food, researched food products and processing these produce to increase their shelf life became the global focus in food industry. In doing so high yield variety of produce, were introduced to farmers and consumers, which demands high nutrition in soil, which can only be supplemented through chemical applications with certain dosages. However this eventually has become a global concern since it started replacing the natural health of the soil thus ruining the natural ecosystem.

We have been continuously raising these concerns at village levels and farms and among their farmers. We provide them training on how to prepare the natural fertilizers and pesticides and making them understand why it is becoming a concern area and should be their prime focus. We have been working with farmers from various districts of Assam – Kamrup, Morigaon, Golaghat, Mangaldoi, Lakhimpur, Nalbari, Dhemaji and Udalguri in educating them on the harmful effects of chemical farming and on the various methodologies on organic farming and their best practices.

We belief a time will come when our efforts will find its way deep inside every villages and farms of Assam and the neighbouring Northeastern states.

Once the produce is ready we procure them at a good price from these farmers, process them at farm level with minimal processing and some in traditional ways and bring the produce for further packaging. We clean them and package them and make our best efforts in making them available to the consumers in their nearest available supermarkets and retail outlets.

We have been putting our efforts in understanding consumers taste and preferences and produce those products only which they prefer more, which are major portions of the food they consume in a day and which majorly contribute to the overall development of their health. Fortunately Assam is rich in producing different varieties of rice which has been a staple food for the people. Hence our focus has been on bringing the right rice varieties and making it available. Indigenous rice like Red Rice from deep water is grown only in Assam. This rice has got medicinal values of which people are not much aware of. The taste and suitability to the palate is average and hence people do not prefer much. However because of its high nutritional values this rice stands out and is considered among the top variety of rice grown in India.

At Bor Noi we are putting efforts in educating our customers in the nutritional values our indigenous produce provides and we are working towards increasing their consumption among people.

Looking at the food scenario in India we believe that these produce will find its way into the main stream in a major way and we will continue to put our efforts in this direction with our Mission – “Organic Food In Every Household”.