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Delicious instant breakfast cereal.

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The Richness Of Assam Red (Bao) Rice to your cup, ready to eat in 4 minutes.

Made from the finest quality rice cultivated with traditional farming practices. Roasted rice flour from Red (Bao) Rice, a deep water paddy of Brahmaputra Valley, is wholesome and highly Nutritious as it is Rich in iron, zinc, and antioxidant

Roasted Rice Flour is popularly consumed in Assam as a breakfast meal with milk and as snacks in the evening.

Bor Noi Roasted Rice Flour is made from Bao-dhaan – The Medicinal Rice of Assam, a deep-water paddy that produces a particular type of iron-rich red rice. Red Rice is considered to be the healthiest rice variety, with a higher vitamin & mineral content than both white or brown rice. This rice gets it’s red colour primarily from Anthocyanin which is a powerful natural pigment and an impressive antioxidant. This antioxidant is beneficial for reducing inflammation, relieving allergy, preventing cancer and managing weight loss. Aside from that, red rice is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc.

Natural – No added preservatives.

  • Add hot water / milk till water mark
  • Mix thoroughly and keep the lid closed for 4 minutes
  • Open the lid, mix well and enjoy the delicious nutritious food

Ingredients: Assam Red (Bao) Rice, Jaggery, Milk Powder, Dry fruits

Net Quantity: 75 gm

All ingredients may not be organic.

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Weight1 kg
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1, 9, 18

Nutritional Facts

Total Energy (KCal / 100g)384.37
Iron (Fe) – (mg/Kg)164.6
Potassium (K) – (mg/Kg) 2980.3
Calcium (Ca) – (mg/Kg) 1728.7
Magnesium (Mg) – (mg/Kg)1282.1
Manganese (Mn) – (mg/Kg) 7.18
Phosphorus (P) – (mg/Kg)28.79
Selenium (Se) – (mg/Kg)0.1
Sodium (Na) – (mg/Kg)3301.8
Zinc (Zn) – (mg/Kg)30
Dietary Fibre7.25
Vitamin B1 – (mg/Kg) 5.91
Vitamin B2 – (mg/Kg) 1.29
Vitamin B3 – (mg/Kg)9.25
Vitamin B6 – (mg/Kg) 4.11
Vitamin C – (mg/Kg)250.3


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